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Wheel Alignment Services in Kalispell, MT

Choosing an alignment shop for your vehicle is an important decision and the experts at Ron’s Alignment & Auto Worx are here to help answer all your questions with honesty and integrity . Don’t be fooled by “toe-set” only offers or inexperienced shops that don’t have your best interest in mind. Our goal is to insure the longevity of your tire life and improve the overall performance of your vehicle.




Alignment and Inspection

Our alignment services begin with an in depth discussion with our customers to determine if an alignment is relevant to the issues they are experiencing.  If so, then a complete inspection of the front end and suspension is performed.  If you need some adjustments or repairs, we’ll talk you through what we see, and provide our recommendations.

State of the Art Alignments

Other wheel alignment machines don’t come close to matching the productivity and power of the Hunter Engineering HawkEye Elite® wheel alignment machine. HawkEye Elite® is the most powerful wheel alignment equipment on the market today, using four precision cameras to measure the position and orientation of targets mounted to each wheel using Hunter’s patented QuickGrip™ adaptors. QuickGrip adaptors feature spring-loaded arms that grip the tire, eliminating metal-to-metal contact and subsequent rim damage. The Hawkeye Elite® wheel alignment system shows the most precise alignment results possible. At Ron’s Alignment & Auto Worx, we are equipped with two of these remarkable machines to insure prompt availability for your busy schedule.

Alignment FAQ's

Understanding your vehicle’s alignment needs will help you know more about when it may need servicing. We offer the following information for our customers, and are always happy to answer any additional questions you may have.

Proper alignment extends the life of your tires. It also improves gas mileage, promotes safe steering, and makes your ride more comfortable overall. It is one of the components of regular vehicle maintenance.

Wheel alignment is the adjustment of the steering and suspension components to make sure they are balanced with one another correctly. It can also be called breaking or tracking.
Some factors that may cause wheels to go our of alignment include things such as hitting potholes or bumps, loose steering or suspension components, and wear from aging suspension parts. We recommend a yearly alignment, or one every 15,000 miles.
Yes! The expected life of a tire can be significantly reduced if it is out of alignment. You can do your part by making sure the air in your tires is at the right pressure, but let a professional make sure the alignment is right.
On most vehicles alignment can be completed in approximately 50-60 minutes.
Normally an alignment will hold for 10,000-15,000 miles. That said, hitting potholes or bumping a curb can increase the chances your car may go out of alignment more quickly. If you think your alignment may be off, it doesn’t hurt to have it checked out.
Uneven wear can be caused by many factors such as improper wheel balancing, worn parts, alignment problems, etc. Although uneven wear can be a possible indicator of alignment issues, the best way to tell is to bring your vehicle in for an inspection.
No. We suggest you have an alignment done within the first 3000 miles of mounting new tires, unless your old tires have shown a severe alignment problem.
Poor alignment usually does not generally cause vibrations. This condition is normally attributed to the tire and wheel assembly being out of balance. In that case, we recommend getting your wheels balanced. We can do that for you.
Although signs can vary, some common things to look for include the vehicle pulling to one side or the other while driving, a crooked steering wheel when driving forward, and squealing tires. Slight alignment issues are not as easy to spot, which is why we recommend a yearly check up.